Welcome a uniquely authentic and energetic perspective to the landscape of 'news.'----The Angry Educated Black Man---you'll laugh, learn and empathize.

The Angry Educated Black Man is a real response to everything happening in the world. I’m passionate about the matters of this world and think its important to speak my voice.

I graduated with my Masters of Science from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. I’ve walked through many of these prominent newsrooms and don’t see many faces that look like mine.

Digital media is filtering the authenticity of our voices and this platform brings back the uniqueness of the REAL black perspective. The Angry Educated Black Man says what you’re really thinking.

 Netflix is currently beating google in black content and young content. They currently controls 40 percent of 18-34 year old’s eyeballs in relation to video content. Netflix understands a diverse narrative from the black perspective is driving video success…. and I’m doing the same thing in a different way.

This a voice for black people and to be given true authenticity to tell our stories and our perspective is most important. That is the Angry Educated Black Man.

Reach out for any potential business opportunities, speaking engagements, or any other related queries. email me at hawkivproductions@gmail.com (company that makes the show! :)